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Aug 7, 2015

Report from a Mad World

If the headline above immediately made you think of this movie or this song, then you’re old enough to have experienced the vast and fundamental changes in publishing over the last few decades. But you know what? Sometimes they still make me shake my head… This week, a Publisher cancelled the release of a book only a few weeks before the drop date. The Author was very public about his reasons for leaving (his long-time) Publisher. Then another Publisher announced a contract with the Author, and on we go....

May 1, 2015

An Open Letter to Authors

Having recently completed the re-vamp of the Bouchercon 2015 website (please check it out!), I’m motivated to make this plea… Dear Authors: Yes, my day job is marketing books. When people ask me what I do, I say, “I connect books and readers.” Much of what I do is online, and my goal is always the same: To make it as easy as possible for readers to find books (and authors) whether they’re searching in a store, a library, or online. Last week, I talked about Mobilegeddon, and the...

Apr 24, 2015

Mobilegeddon 2015

Last Tuesday, Google released substantial changes to its search algorithm. In a nutshell, these changes mean that websites that are responsive (mobile-friendly) are now (most of the time; there are exceptions to every algorithmic rule) getting (much) higher placement in search results. But…will the book industry notice? Should authors and publishers care? You can find as many answers to this as Nancy Drew had pairs of nylons. My answer? Is yes, you should care. Why? Numbers. Specifically: 64% of American adults own a smartphone. 42% own a tablet computer....