Cheap? Fast? Good?

Back in the proverbial day, before there was social media and a correcting Selectric was the bomb, I used to hear this Business Rule a lot. I haven’t heard it lately, but it’s as true as ever, so I’m gonna try to reintroduce it to the vernacular, starting right here. Here is it: Cheap. … Continue reading

May 12

I am not alone. Not even a little bit. I know this with every fiber of my being. My husband is with me every moment of every day. Anyone who has experienced it knows that a partner’s unexpected serious illness is as difficult an experience as anyone can have, but I know without any doubt that … Continue reading

Promote Yourself

A couple of weeks ago, Jeff Cohen posted about his Chemo Promo Conundrum. The core situation he described—an author confronting the problem of having to promote their books—is a common problem, I think, made immeasurably harder for Jeff because he’s going through chemotherapy, which saps … Continue reading

On Failure

Last weekend, I read this essay in The Guardian when it was shared by novelist Steve Mosby. Despite it being published on April 1, it does not appear to be an April Fool's joke. The Guardian's April Fool's story is here.  The thing that jumped out at me most was this: I still read, but … Continue reading

By the Numbers

I believe that there are two kinds of people in the world: words people and numbers people. Thankfully, being one doesn't preclude you using the other, but if you're more comfy with one or the other, stepping outside that comfort zone can require some nudging. Effective marketing, however, … Continue reading