Imma Gonna Unfriend/Unfollow You!

How are you doing? Everyone ok? One thing that’s true and nonpartisan about this political cycle is that it has certainly made social media a lot more…interesting. Whether we choose to share them publicly or not, most of us have strong feelings about the...

When Not to Market

This has been a helluva week. Regardless of your political leanings, we were all surprised by the results of the American presidential election (thanks, pollsters). Many of us were up way past our bedtimes on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, everyone I know was in shock,...

Reflections on Bouchercon Online

A week ago, many of you were in New Orleans either listening to fascinating panels, trying to figure out how the damn elevators worked, commenting on the heat and humidity, or hanging out in the bar (or Starbucks). If you weren’t there, you probably know people who...

August 17

I haven’t written about my health here for a while now. Not because nothing has happened—lots has—but for a reason that it took me until this morning to figure out.

Living Live

When Facebook launches new functionality, they tend to go all out, and Facebook Live is no exception.

May 8

Tomorrow is a big day. I’m getting the implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD).

April 6

I had my appointment at Tampa General yesterday. I was incredibly anxious about it—for no good reason, really—and it went very well.