I love infographics. Maybe it’s because I’m more a words/pictures than a numbers person, but something about these little bundles of graphical joy blows my proverbial skirt up. I find this one particularly interesting for anyone who care about marketing books:



When I look at this, two aspects of it leap out at me. First,Millennials comprise a ton of people. More than I realized.

Second, these people care out shareable experiences. Oh, and they spend money. (I guess that’s three things.)

Translation: Because reading is the ultimate shareable experience, one that can be had by anyone anywhere and shared through any and all available venues, this is an important group when thinking about book marketing.

Which makes sense. Most of the book bloggers I know fall into this age group. The readers I interact with online are most often in this group. The people I work with at publishers who toil in book marketing are also most often in this demographic.

Which is not to say us Olds aren’t a crucial reader audience. Some of the most passionate readers I’ve met are well into their sixth or seventh decade on this planet.

Those of us who have moved into gitoffmylawn territory age-wise can sometimes be inclined to generalize about The Kids. To dismiss them, even. To figure we don’t speak their language, nor they ours. But the reality is that we’ll all get a lot further if we understand rather than dismiss them.