No big news today…but some random thoughts…

I’ve started thinking of everything in terms of how long it is until I see Dr. Desai. My appointment is at 1:00 on Friday, and we’re heading up to Boston on Wednesday, so it’s getting closer. I’ll have a stress test first, and then see the doc.

Yesterday, we walked around the block. Slowly, but still…it was nice to get out. The oppressive summer heat here in Florida has finally broken, so it’s actually quite pleasant for a stroll. We’ll try it again today; I was thinking I might be able to manage two blocks, but we’ll see.

I don’t know my blood type. I’ve had a gazillion blood tests in my lifetime, but I’ve just never needed to know. I’ve never been able to give blood, and I’m guessing that how most people find out. I’m hoping it’s AB Rh D positive, which would make me a universal recipient. But even more than that, I’m hoping there’s medication that will make this irrelevant for the moment.

Over the weekend I was glued to social media, updating the Bouchercon Facebook and Twitter feeds. And something really wonderful happened. Judy, who is as incredible a friend as anyone could ever hope to have, had brought Frangos to Bouchercon for me, and when I wasn’t there, she shared them with friends and posted photos. I’ve been scrolling through them all the time because they give me strength and smiles…if we’re friends on Facebook, you can see them here.

I’ve been feeling pretty lousy today, but my strength seems to ebb and flow unpredictably. I’m physically tired most of the time. But every passing minute bring Friday a bit closer.

Thank you for reading.