Greetings from Boston.

It’s been some years—more than 10—since we lived here, but some things, thankfully, haven’t changed. The people here are still great. It is still a beautiful city. And it still has some of the best medical facilities in the world.

The trip up was difficult. I find traveling stressful at the best of times, and in my current condition, I felt that even more. By the time we arrived yesterday evening, I was exhausted. I’m never especially comfy in hotels, and while this one is perfectly fine, I slept horribly. But I did get some rest in fits and starts, and was looking forward to having a day off today to wander around.

Unfortunately, my capacity for wandering is severely reduced. We made it to Copley Place, with a pit stop at the awesome and awe-inspiring Boston Public Library. Had some lunch, and then just came back to the hotel.

My appointment tomorrow is at 1:00. We’re supposed to arrive a half-hour early for paperwork (I assume). Then they will give me the stress test, and I see Dr. Desai at 2:30.

From what I can gather, there are basically three things that he could tell me:

  1. I need to be on medications, and after some period of time (months), he’ll see me again to see how well they’re working.
  2. I need one of a few possible surgeries. The most likely would be an open-heart surgery where they reduce some of the thickness in the walls of my heart and try to fix the valves.
  3. I need a heart transplant ASAP. Or at some point in the future when the medications stop working.

It could also be some combination of the above. I’d like to say I’m prepared for whatever he says, but I’m not. I know the news won’t be good, but I can’t accept that it might be quite bad.

I’m scared. I’m more grateful than I’ve ever been (and that’s saying a lot) for my husband. I couldn’t be doing this without him. His encouragement and support is amazing.

And my friends? I can’t say enough about how much their unending well of kindness, good mojo, love, prayers, chocolate, and baby animal pictures means to me.

I can’t promise I’ll post again tomorrow because I’m just not sure what kind of state I’ll be in, but I’ll try.