The thing about this condition, I’ve learned, is that it is always with me. I can’t forget about it. I can distract myself with work or reading or TV (the new season of Longmire on Netflix is proving especially good for this), but I can’t forget. This has been slightly exhausting, and I’m hoping that I’ll get more accustomed to living with it.

I’ve been feeling pretty OK. Had some chest discomfort (I wouldn’t call it pain), but Dr. Solls (in Boston; he’s the amazing doc who referred me to Dr. Desai) said some muscle soreness is normal. He suggested I get some compression socks, so I did…pictures to follow because I found ones with patterns. I’m supposed to keep an eye on my ankles (yes, I’m now staring at my ankles) to be sure they don’t swell inconsistently, which would be an indicator of a blood clot.

Update: I finally decided to measure my ankles. Their circumferences were identical.

I’m still angry. Getting messages (and mail! and calls!) helps. Next week Wednesday, we’re driving to Raleigh for Bouchercon, and I’m really looking forward to that. I really am going to have to take it easy (truth be told, I thought I was just saying that before), but that’s OK.

Thank you for reading.