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By the Numbers

I believe that there are two kinds of people in the world: words people and numbers people. Thankfully, being one doesn't preclude you using the other, but if you're more comfy with one or the other, stepping outside that comfort zone can require some nudging....

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Cultural Differences

My father was writing his Master’s Thesis about WB Yeats when I was born, and this, combined with our Irish family history, led to my being named after Ireland. When I was growing up, Erin was an unusual name; I was well grown before I met another Erin. I moved to...

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Hawaii Travel Tips

In March, many of you are heading for Honolulu for Left Coast Crime. Since I grew up there, I wanted to share some “insider” tips... Speaking of Tips... Living in Hawaii is expensive. VERY expensive. When tipping, keep in mind that the people serving you are paying $6...

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