Following a difficult night, this was a productive Monday.

Last night, we had some…oh…call it family drama. I have to try to remember that this situation affects more than just me and my husband, and not everybody is going to have contributions that are helpful all the time or understand exactly what we’re going though. Hell, I’m not sure I even understand it completely just yet. It was stressful, and I really felt it…like, physically felt it. That was scary. And I didn’t sleep well.

But I’m good now. I just need to make sure to try to avoid stuff like that for the time being.

This morning, I heard from the good folks (and I mean that literally) at Brigham and Women’s. I have an appointment with Dr. Desai there on October 16. As far as I can tell, he’s about the best in the world at treating what’s wrong with me, down to having published papers specifically about inherited cardiomyopathy in people with T1 diabetes. That’s pretty specific, and so I’m confident he’s the right person to see.

The people in his office (Jason and Jen) were terrific. I needed to get the records from my hospital stay sent up there, including an electronic copy of my echocardiogram, so we went back to the hospital and rustled those up, with minimal hassle. Now they’re en route to Boston.

Of course I looked through the records before I sent them. That wasn’t perhaps the best idea. Seeing it all in black and white was somewhat sobering.

So I did some work this afternoon, and I feel better now having taken control of some things that I actually can control.

Thank you so much for all your kind, thoughtful, helpful, and funny comments and messages. Sometimes I’ve wondered when leaving messages like them whether they’re actually helpful. Now I know for absolute certain that they are.