Please note that this is nothing to do with the Michael Crichton book nor movie called DISCLOSURE. So there.

As I get back into the swing of posting book reviews—and catching up on those I’ve yet to write—the time has come for a moment of disclosure. So here goes…

I am lucky enough to work with some amazing authors and publishers. And by “lucky” I mean seriously and profoundly fortunate.

When a client writes a book I like and I want to review, I’ll do so. But please make no mistake: What I write here is in no way influenced by my professional engagement with the author. This space is not for sale. My opinions are generally strongly held, and they are never—ever—available to any bidder, high or otherwise.

Because there are cynics amongst us, though, and because the feds seem to want book bloggers to be up-front about these things, when I post a review of a book written by someone with whom I have a professional connection, I will include a link to this very post right at the beginning.

And because the FTC wants to know these things: I am also incredibly lucky because publishers and sometimes others give me free copies of books. There is no promise, implied or explicit, in this transaction that I will read or review these books. If I choose to review a book it’s because I want to do so, and the opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. Once again, they’re neither bought nor paid for.

And if I get a copy of a book for free and I like it, I make a point of buying at least one copy, too, because I want the authors of the books I like to succeed.

After I read them, I don’t sell these books. If you choose to buy a book from one of the links I post, I get an “affiliate” payment, which amounts to (quite literally) pennies per book. As of this writing, my affiliate links have generated the princely sum of $2.32. If they ever get to a point where it’s enough for someone to send me a check, I’ll donate that money to a book-related charity. The links are there for the convenience of readers—not to pay my bills.

So that’s it. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to ask.