I’ve seen a lot of authors lately seeming to wonder whether their efforts are worth it. So let me tell you a little bit about yourself, from the perspective of a reader who is lucky enough to help connect books and readers…

You are an author.

A writer, a storyteller, a spinner of yarns.

You see the world through your own lens, noticing details many of us miss, and shift that perspective to different characters in your stories so we can see the world outside of ourselves.

You give us a view into worlds we wouldn’t otherwise know, or ones we know all too well. You make us think.

You research details because you know they matter. You watch and listen and ask questions.

You entertain us. You give us a break when we need it, a respite from our everyday lives, to walk a beat, find a villain, uncover a secret, battle next to a magician, hide from a hoard of zombies, ride with a cowboy, laugh with a colleague.

You chose this profession, or it chose you. There’s no rule book or play book or dummies’ guide, so you find your tribe, assemble your team, and chase your dreams.

You are the engine of a cultural and economic ecosystem that supports thousands the world over.

You question yourself, wonder sometimes whether you’re good enough. Whether the work is worth it.

I’m here to tell you, on behalf of readers, that it is.