I’m grateful for the people (you know who you are) who have encouraged me to start a blog. I trust them–they’re all smarter than I am–so here I am.

When I advise clients on content strategy, I urge them to focus on one topic. Be an expert. Participate in the community. Discuss and engage. That’s good advice.
And I’m completely ignoring it here.
I’ve been slow to start blogging because I’ve been unable to pick a topic. There are many about which I write, and choosing one bears a striking resemblance to picking a favorite child.
So I’m giving myself a pass. I’m going to focus on three topics: books (including authors, publishing and the business of in addition to books themselves), marketing (mostly public relations, but not to the exclusion of other areas…and I plan to hand out some free advice, too), and what I’m calling commentary. That’s my catch-all bucket where I plan to put thoughts and observations on everything from global politics to the weather.
Thank you for stopping by. I hope you’ll pop back from time to time!